Results of Ocean Access Protection Fund Donations (OAPF)

Posted on behalf of the LARRC Environmental Comettee:

“The Los Angeles Rod and Reel Club (LARRC) is pleased to announce the results of the solicitation campaign on behalf of the Ocean Access Protection Fund (OAPF).  Following the solicitation letter mailing in late March 2011, donations totaling $10,000 have been forwarded to OAPF.  Prior to the solicitation letter campaign, LARRC members had already donated $5,200.  The balance of $4,800 was
collected as of April 21, 2011.  The LARRC can be proud of its role in trying to mitigate the drastic affects of the MLPA process.  There is more to be done and your Environmental Committee will continue to work on your behalf.
Our Environmental Committee thanks all of our members who contributed.”

Rob Baldwin
Mike Godfrey
Mark Manculich
George Meigs
Cathy Needleman
Eric Rogger

Amazing shark video

This is an amazing shark video. Watch what happens about 3 minutes into the video.